About ADR Builders

It’s not just about resale value, although that’s very important. It’s about increasing the benefit and substance of your home for your own enjoyment.

—Michael Arceneaux

Your home should be a sanctuary – a place to rest, relax and recharge. ADR stay true to this philosophy with every project. The company originally started as a hobby for owner Mike Arceneaux, but it soon became a flourishing business as homeowners began to embrace their dwellings as a way to express their personalities and enhance their lifestyle.

ADR believe in superior construction, high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship to make a meaningful difference to the places our clients call “home.” Our commitment to excellence has been the foundation of our success. We are devoted to homeowner satisfaction, and we are here to help you revive your investment.

Meet Mike Arceneaux

He may have relocated to the Pacific Northwest from Texas 24 years ago, but his sense of hospitality has held onto its Southern roots. He combined small town sensibilities with masterful skill to establish his company and attributes his success to superb customer service. No job is complete until the client is satisfied. He takes pride in being able to say that many of his customers become his friends.

“It was a pleasure to come home everyday from doing my job to have Michael working here working on my project because I could always see progress, he always had something positive to say and he was always fun to come home to. He’s a fabulous design contractor but on top of that you get the design quality and he understands what my needs are.”

– Jeanne Larson, Seattle, WA