Modern Country Kitchen Remodel

The old kitchen had the look and layout that was so ubiquitous of condos built in the 1970s.

Brown cabinets, fluorescent lighting and vinyl flooring created dark shadows and corners that made the room feel stale and gloomy.

We took down the overhanging cabinets which expanded the visual space, relocated the refrigerator – which immediately made it spacious and bright.

The existing cabinets were reused and painted a cool sage green and topped off with a glaze finish. The backsplash is tiled with mosaic detail. Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops gleam under carefully-hung pendant lamps.

The wood-grain and the newer materials juxtapose elegantly in this modern country kitchen.

By combining two style elements for distinct design appeal, we received a “wow, what a difference!” reaction from the homeowner.